Auto Insurance


If you drive, you need auto insurance coverage. Yes, it is required by law, but what exactly can it cover you for?

Here's a few examples of ways we've protected clients

  • You miss several days of work while receiving physical therapy for injuries sustained in a car accident

          - How we'll cover you - Personal Injury Protection - when available, can help with medical                            and rehabilitation expenses, as well as lost wages.

  • You’re on your way to ski at The Summit in Snoqualmie, when you lose traction on an icy road — the impact when you slide into a guardrail severely damages your SUV’s front fender.

          - How we'll cover you - Collision Coverage - can help repair your vehicle if it’s damaged — or                        compensate you for its value if it’s a total loss.

  • Someone hit's your car, and it is deemed a total loss. Your car still has a loan on it, so the amount for your car was sent to the finance company, it's paid off now, but now you have to get a new vehicle.

          - How we'll cover you - Loss Of Use - This will pay you $50 per day if your car is being repaired due              to a loss. If your car is totaled out, we will give you $1,000 to put down towards your next vehicle, or              whatever else you want.

  • You suffer minor injuries when another driver runs a red light and clips your car’s rear fender. On top of it all, the driver doesn’t have auto insurance.

          - How we'll cover you - Uninsured Motorist Coverage - This covers the costs of your bodily                            injuries when they are caused by another driver without any insurance. Under-insured motorist                      coverage picks up the costs of your injuries when an at-fault driver has some insurance, but not                    enough to cover your damages.

Home Insurance


Yes yes, if your home burns down we are going to rebuild it, and replace your property. But, what else can "Home" Insurance do?

Here's a few examples of ways we protect clients

  • Your Jewelry Is Stolen - You mastered the basics of surfing during lessons in Hawaii — but your wedding ring is stolen.                        - How would we cover you? - Jewelry Coverage - lost jewelry is covered up to your policy limits. For high dollar items, we are           the best in the industry. Just let us know when you are getting a quote.

  • Thieves Strike While You're Away - You return from a family vacation to discover thieves have stolen electronic equipment from your media room. 

          - How would we cover you? - Personal Property Coverage -  If your possessions are stolen, damaged or destroyed in an                      insured loss, your coverage can help replace them. Just give us a call.

  • A Visitor Is Injured - A guest at your annual Fourth of July barbecue trips on the steps between your deck and the lawn — fracturing their wrist when they fell against a stone retaining wall.

          - How would we cover you? - Medical Payments Coverage can cover the medical costs if a visitor is hurt on your property,                    regardless of liability.

  • You Lose Your Passport - While on vacation in Europe, you lose the tote bag that has everyone’s passports.

          - How would we cover you? - Valuable Papers Coverage -  with the cost of replacing passports and other valuable papers.

  • You Want To Go Green - You want to “go green” when you rebuild after a fire — using eco-friendly materials and appliances.

         - How would we cover you? - Eco-Rebuild Endorsement, you can receive up to $25,000 toward the extra cost of                                   replacing materials and appliances with “green” alternatives.

What if your fridge or hot water heater breaks?!

Don't worry! Agent Harper has you covered.

We offer home shields!

Here's what we'll help you fix

Appliances Only Plan

  • Refrigerators

  • Dishwashers

  • Dryers

  • Washers

  • Stove/Oven

  • Built-in Microwaves

  • Ice Makers

  • Trash Compactors

  • Garage Door Openers

Combo Plan

​Includes everything from both plans.

Build Your Own

Select 10 items from either list.​

Systems Only Plan

  • Air Conditioning

  • Duct-work

  • Heating

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Water Heater

  • Garbage Disposal

  • Central Vacuums

  • Doorbells

  • Smoke Detectors


Specialty Insurance

If your family enjoys the great outdoors, we’ll bet favorite activities include recreational vehicles. Maybe you spend summers waterskiing at the lake. You may enjoy exploring the Olympics on ATVs or snowmobiles. Or you might consider an RV the perfect way to travel experiencing new places but still getting to spend every night in your own bed.

Agent Harper understands your active lifestyle and your desire to help protect the vehicles that go with it. We can help with knowledgeable insights as you choose the coverage you want for these vehicles

Marine: We cover boats and personal watercraft (Jet-Ski, Sea-Doos, WaveRunners)

Off-Road Vehicle: Snowmobiles, dirt bikes, dune buggies, golf carts, and ATVs

Motor Homes: These are not covered on an auto policy, but we have you covered here

Travel Trailer: Got you covered here if its seasonal, or even a permanent home

5th Wheel: Campers or manufactured homes, we got you covered.