Let Lauren Explain


A Team, not individuals

We are a small band of dedicated Insurance Professionals. We operate as a group of friends with one mission in mind. Making insurance simple, fast and worry free. We believe in taking responsibility for our clients, not delegating it.

All shapes and sizes

We are fortunate enough to have a boat-load of experience in our office. Combined, we have friends on our team that are from, have lived in, or have family in 42 of the 50 states. We are also fortunate to have diversity in our office from nearly every creed, background and ethnicity. We offer 5 months maternity leave, and make sure everyone uses their vacation days (even though they don't expire). 

Rare like a $2 bill

We're rare like a $2 bill that loves insurance. We know it's weird, we know what the general consensus is on insurance agents. We don't care what the typical insurance agency is like. We aren't that, and aren't trying to be that.